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Interimpianti Service S.r.l.

The Interimpianti Service S.r.l. , Based in Civitavecchia (RM), is a young and dynamic company
that operates in the field of 'industrial plant.
Created on the initiative of the 'current ownership, with the aim of settling as a new competitor
in the energy, oil & gas and petrochemical industries, thanks to' purchase dell 'unit of a company
from this time on the market today is a company of reference both nationally and abroad, providing a consolidated know-how for the construction, welding, assembly and maintenance of
steel structures, steel pipes, tanks, pressure parts and industrial equipment.

The company employs a staff of technical and operational experience in the field industry
with high technical and operational capacity gained in the construction and maintenance of
primary industries in the domestic and foreign markets.

The organization has technical certifications issued by relevant government authorities
and private, quality certifications and welding in accordance with national and
international regulations.
The Interimpianti Service is licensed to operate in confined spaces with suspected pollution in
accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 177 of the '11/09/2011.

Interimpianti Service S.r.l.

The company currently has a workforce of about 15 units between direct and indirect staff, as requested quota of customer we are able to increase the labor force up to a maximum of 30 units for both short and long periods.
Interimpianti Service S.r.l. Interimpianti Service S.r.l.
Interimpianti Service S.r.l.
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